Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate courses are post-secondary education that is taken before postgraduate education. It entails academic programmes that, on completion, award bachelor’s degree or other equivalent degrees. Undergraduate courses require the students to have a secondary school O’ Level certificate or an A’ Level certificate. On completion of the undergraduate course, a graduate has career opportunities in a wide range of industries and organisations.

Postgraduate Courses

These are courses that are open to candidates who have an undergraduate degree or other qualifications necessary. Postgraduate courses are the Master’s degree, MSc, PhD and DBA. Postgraduate studies help students specialize in any field they want to build their career in. it runs from six months to about twelve months, depending on the course. A student will get a wide range and depth of knowledge about the field by completing a postgraduate course. This will provide opportunities to work with both the public and private sectors as a professional.

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses are more like preparatory courses, which are sometimes required of an aspiring student. It is a one-year preparatory course designed majorly for international students to prepare for their chosen undergraduate course in the UK. These courses prepare students for various subjects such as Medicine, Social Sciences, Sciences, Law, Humanities, Business, and lots more. After completing a foundation course, a student can further his education and get a career opportunity in small business enterprises.

Professional Courses

A professional course will help you to develop your skill and knowledge for personal development or career advancement.