Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Study Full-Time / Part-Time MBA Course in The UK

The MBA is a well-recognised qualification across the world. An MBA course has been designed to reflect the ever-changing nature of the business and the global challenges which business leaders are facing. It focuses on developing strategic analytical skills, as well as business intuition and enquiring and adaptive thinking, to develop you as a leader.

Are you looking to enroll in an MBA course with internships in one of the UK’s leading universities? We are now accepting applications for MBA courses with internships and scholarships (up to £4,000) from the prospective students.

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Start Date

Oct 2017
Dec 2017


12 Months to 24 Months

Work Placement

(for 18 Months & 24 Months only)


1 years – £6,450
18 Months – £11,400
24 Months – £13,900


Up to £4,000*

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Course Summary

The MBA course is designed to produce graduates of the highest calibre who can respond creatively and effectively to the future challenges of globally competitive business environments. As well as providing essential core business knowledge and understanding, the course places a strong emphasis on developing the applied managerial skills that are vital to be an effective business leader. Using a variety of methods such as case studies, and in-company analysis, your communication, negotiation and facilitating skills will be developed and enhanced.