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Legislation was laid in Parliament on 7 December 2017, which sets out a number of changes to the immigration rules. These will come into effect…
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BP Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

Discover BP Scholarships at The University of Birmingham. The university is offering up to £20,000 to EU, Overseas and UK Undergraduate Students from different subject areas. Learn more about the BP Scholarships today.

UK Gold Ranking Universities 2017

UK Gold Ranking Universities 2017, List of TEF UK Gold Ranking Universities, if you are planning to study UK Gold Ranking University, contact us :…

Cheapest DBA in the UK

Full- Time Doctorate of Business Administration-DBA Full-time DBA– Doctorate of Business Administration program is the NVQ Level-8, which is equivalent Ph.D.  Full-time DBA course avail in…

MBA UK University Ranking (Updated 2017)

A total of 13 British business schools and universities are included in the top 100 list drawn out by the Financial Times Best Business Schools 2017. Learn more about these top UK universities.

PhD in the UK

[zozo_blockquote footer_text=”” position=”left” animation_type=”none” animation_delay=”500″]Contains information about PhD such as the available ones in the UK and scholarships available for the programme.[/zozo_blockquote] A PhD is…

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

[zozo_blockquote footer_text=”” position=”left” animation_type=”none” animation_delay=”500″]Information about running the programme such as duration and cost..[/zozo_blockquote] In view of providing easy and quality education to postgraduate students,…