PhD in the UK

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A PhD is a programme that allows students specialize in a particular field they are interested in. It entails a challenging training in form of research and the use of technical tools to get problems solved in the various fields. A PhD programme runs for duration of three years, within which the student is expected to write and submit a thesis. The thesis can also be written and submitted within 12 months of completion of the programme. This programme can be ran as either a per-time or full-time study.

To start the PhD programme, a Masters degree or its equivalent for international students is required of all students for the admission process especially for arts and humanities. For sciences however, a student can proceed directly to PhD after undergraduate studies under the condition that such student has a minimum of second class upper in thebachelors’ degree he or she carries.

Your application should contain all the necessary information about your academic qualifications and employment history, and you can give a brief detail about your position and activities at such employment places. It is useful to give the title of the thesis you wrote in the final year of your undergraduate study, and also include any research project which you have done during your undergraduate years or at the final year of your study. It is equally important to state the reason why you are interested in the research project you are applying for, including the things you enjoy doing which are related to the field, assupervisors are more willing to accept someone who shows real interest in their research field. Also include information about how the programme will be funded. You might want to find your own funding or your funding might be from a scholarship.

There are plenty of scholarships available for those who are interested in running a PhD but are concerned about the financial responsibility that comes with it. These scholarships available in the UK include; Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships, Gates Cambridge Scholarship for International Students, and may more. Scholarships for PhD programmes can be either part or full. The part scholarship takes a certain percentage off the total fee while the full scholarship takes off the whole fee. Full scholarships usually require a full-time commitment, as against the part-time option available.