Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

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In view of providing easy and quality education to postgraduate students, University Admission Center UK can help in getting you admitted for a Doctor of Business Administration. This programme runs for 3 years, which is a relatively moderate duration. Doctor of Business Administration is very similar to PhD with an advantage of being able to get admitted easily without the need of a proposal. From a financial point of view, it provides an affordable means of earning a doctorate in business administration with a tuition fee of 19,950 pounds. In other to provide support financially, you also have accessibility to scholarship of varying amount. The scholarship available to students can be up to 3000 pounds.

Doctor of Business Administration is a programme which is designed to gear students in the application of already made theories aimed at preparing them for excellent academic careers. Unlike PhD, Doctor of Business Administration is also designed to produce advanced business professionals with high level of research skills. It is similar to PhD in the following aspects:

  1. Academically, both of them are equal with no difference between the two whatsoever. This means that you can get hired by a university using any of the two degrees.
  2.  Just as PhD entails research, Doctor of Business Administration also entails rigorous courses which are based on research. This means that both of these two degrees involves taking courses that are highly research based, which is geared at building students up for a professional career.
  3. Whether it is the PhD or DBA programme, students must write a thesis which they will be required to defend. A comprehensive exam is also taken before each degree is awarded.

Just as mentioned earlier, the DBA programme is a lot easier to start unlike the PhD degree in spite of the fact that they have the same academic recognition. In this respect, University Admission Center UK can make your dream of having a Doctor of Business Administration degree come true by paving the way for your admission into any of the well known great universities that offer DBA.