How to get PR in the UK after finishing your studies?

Easy steps to get Permanent Residence (PR) in the UK

Are you an international student in the UK and planning to get a Permanent Residence (PR) in the UK? Do you want to get a job in the UK to fulfil your career dreams? Are you confused about getting PR in the country where most people want to come and make their life? If yes, here we have added a complete guide to get PR in the UK after finishing your studies at one of the top UK universities.

Before you know the steps for getting PR, you should know why people prefer to do the job there. The country is job-friendly and one of the leaders in almost all sectors. One can get admission in one of the hundreds of higher study courses to make the PR process easy. Otherwise, the individual can apply for the job to stay there for a long time. There are few steps that you can follow to get PR in the UK.

4 Steps to fulfil your dream in the UK

Step 1: Get admission in a course

If you are still in your country, and just doing research about how to get PR in the UK, first of all, you need to arrive in the UK. You should get admission to a course; it would be great to study higher study courses at a UK university. UACU can help you with the admission process to one of the top universities of your choice.

If you have completed your studies and prefer to get the PR in the UK in a short time, the best way is to become a student again. You can make the best decision by acquiring admission to a UK university because the degree attained from any institute in the UK is worthy and has value worldwide. Moreover, UK is worldly empowered because of high education, global connection, and facilities. This can be the best decision, and you can open the path to acquiring PR in this country.

One more reason for being a part of a UK university includes the social, economic, and personal aspects. So, you should take admission to the institute to make your PR process super easy. Now you have to follow the steps given below to get PR in the UK.

Step 2: Apply for a student visa

After you decide to take admission to any university in the UK, you have to apply for a student visa. For this, you have to complete the list of documents that you can easily get to know at the official website of the UK visa platform. Mainly you need a passport, university Admit card, UK address, and photos. Moreover, you should have a medical certificate that makes sure that you are free of tuberculosis or any such diseases. To get the medical certificate, you have to pay a certain fee and prove that you are medically fit.

You apply with these documents, and the visa official confirms your identity and grants a Tier 4 visa that is an actual student visa. You can decide for a course of six months, for this you get a visa for a short time and it can be extended to about 11 months.

Step 3: Apply for an internship with studying

Students can find internships here. Students with Tier-4 visas can work for 20 hours a week. Moreover, they can do full-time jobs during Christmas and summer. In this way, they can earn about 1200 to 1500 pounds. By doing an internship, students can avail themselves of double benefits. One is they can earn money. Secondly, they can have improvement of resume. Thus, this important aspect assists in acquiring PR more conveniently. It is good to apply for an internship while studying to have financial support while staying in the country.

Step 4: Get a job

You can stay in the UK after completing your course or higher education. For this, you have to make an effort and apply for a job. You should must-have skills, good grades, and talent to prove your worth. You can apply for the Tier-1, 2, or 5 visas that allow the students to start their business. The entrepreneur visa is best for international students who have enough finance to start their business. Once the students complete their education, they can get the PSW visa to get the right to find any job in the first two years after that visa is transformed into a general work visa. 

Importance of getting PR in the UK

Getting PR in the UK is a priority of most people who want to settle at the international level. This is because the UK has well-known companies with their offices spread all around the world. One big example is Unilever, whose products are popular around the globe. Thus, the country has large firms where people want to do the job. Thus, people apply for Tier-2 visas during studies in the UK or after completing their education in the country.

During education, students have Tier 4 student visas and after completing here, switch to Tier-2 work visas. Around 7000 students apply for this visa every year. Students with Tier-4 visas get training and work experience to get the Tier 5 visa.

Attaining the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) Visa

Once students get professional training and attain a Tier-5 visa, they get the opportunity to get a Permanent visa in the UK. For this, students have to complete five years of job and apply for ILR job. By getting this visa, a person can have a full-time job with good pay. One thing to remember is that person who applies for PR must not have any criminal record and should have good moral conduct. People should pass the knowledge of life in UK test and must be fluent in English. They have to pass the English language test. Getting an ILR visa takes about six months. Once the process is completed, the person becomes a permanent resident and can get rights just like a normal citizen of the country.

Things to remember

Before you apply for PR in the UK, you should be sincere and gather all your documents that are authentic. You should present original documents so there is no issue while visa processing. Moreover, while studying, you should concentrate on your studies and get good grades to make your job gaining process easy. Plus, do an internship to add plus points to your CV.


Getting the PR in the UK is not hard, especially when you study at a UK university, get good grades, and have talent in your field. If you are interested in getting PR in the United Kingdom, then apply for certain courses. Once you have a degree from the Institute of UK, it will be easy for you to get a permanent resident visa for the UK.

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