Tier 4 Visa extension 2023-2024

Tier 4 Visa extension inside the UK

This article has been written for those international students who are already studying in the UK and entered the UK based on their Tier 4 student visa. This article will help them to know how to apply for a Tier 4 visa extension from the inside UK and outside the UK. This article will also help to get essential information like the Tier 4 visa grace period and new rules 2021-2022 etc.

According to the new law by Home Office, international students can apply for the new course, study and stay in the UK without going back to their home country.

There could be many reasons due to which you need to extend your Tier 4 visa. For example, if you want to study further in the UK or want to change the track of your existing course, it would require you to stay in the UK more than the time period you already applied for. As mentioned above, the UK government allows international students to apply for a visa extension in different circumstances.

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You need to apply for a Tier 4 visa extension or renew before your current visa expires. Otherwise, you will lose the chance to stay in the UK and study further. This visa extension does not apply to international students who entered the UK for a short-term student visa.

Who are eligible for visa extension from inside UK:

  1. If you want to apply for a Tier 4 visa extension from inside UK, you must have to complete your previous course successfully and have to provide official evidence of your course completion.
  2. If you are Tier 2 work permit holder and willing to switch on Tier 4 student visa you can apply from tier 4 visa extension from inside the UK.

Tier 4 visa extension rule 2023: Please visit the Home Office Website for more updated details.

The new rule means that the students will now be able to apply for an extension in the UK as normal. This extension rule is also applied for the Tier 4 Part-time students but there are some restrictions for them.

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Who can sponsor for tier 4 visa extension from the inside UK?

If you entered the UK on the basis of a student visa (tier 4 general) in an HEI and wish for further study, then you need to apply for the visa extension. The visa extension can be only done if you have one of the following sponsored:

  • An independent school from the UK
  • The UK recognized the body
  • A university or college offering pathway courses
  • A higher education institute from overseas
  • A body in the UK in receipt of public funding.

If you have one of the sponsors from the above, you are eligible to apply for the tier 4 student visa inside and outside the UK.

Requirements to apply for tier 4 visa extension

Having the above mentioned sponsored for the visa extension is not enough. You must also fulfil the following requirements if you wish to stay in the UK legally by extending your student visa time period:

  1. You must get a valid admission in the UK university
  2. The intend course must be either current educational level or above
  3. You must have an offer letter from the university (admission confirmation)
  4. The new course start date must not be longer than 28 days.
  5. You must have enough money to finance your further study in the UK
  6. You must have enough money or proof of money to live in the UK.

Other than the above, you must also fulfil all those requirements which you have complete when applied for your general tier 4 student visa.

A time limit after the extension of tier 4 visa:

If you fulfil the above requirements, have sponsored and got a visa extension then there would be new time limits that apply to your student’s visa. As per 2018 rules, you can stay in the UK for studies for more than 5 five year limits if:

  • Six years limits: If you have completed an undergraduate course in the UK and studying for the Master
  • Five years and 11 months: You can stay in the UK if the current time limit prevents you to complete your course.
  • No time limit: There is no time limit to stay in the UK after tier 4 visa extension if you are studying an MSc or Dphil for research.
  • Eight-year limit: This limit is available for the students who have completed a doctorate degree in the UK and apply for the new course.
  • No time limit: There is no limit of time in some courses like dentistry, architecture, veterinary medicine, medicine, science, and professional law etc.

The PhD students have a different time limit as compare to those who entered the UK for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The new visa extension rule will allow you to stay in the UK for many years legally.

Can you apply for a tier 4 visa extension from inside the UK?

Yes, you can apply for the extension visa only if you fulfil the requirement, have a sponsor and have enough money to support your study.

How Many points are needed for visa extension?

You need 40 points as per the new point-based system for the visa extension (general). You can get 30 points if you can electronic confirmation acceptance for studies and 10 points by showing the bank statements.

How much money is required for the tier 4 visa extension?

You need to have money to pay your course fee and £11385 inside London about £10,000 outside London for 28 days to pay for the living expenses. The rule is the same whether your course less length is nine months or longer than that. Please check the home office website for updated information

What is the time limit to studying for the VISA?

The time limit to stay in the UK for studying for a course is 5 years. The time limit could be different in exceptional cases as mentioned above.

What is the fee for the visa extension in the UK for students?

For premium services, the application fee is £1088 where for standard and priority applications the fee are £474 and £952 respectively.

Can I switch a tier 4 visa to Tier 2 visa?

It is possible to switch your visa from tier 4 to tier 2 instead of an extension. This will allow you to stay in the UK for 5 years and you can legally work in the UK. You must have a valid job offer letter from a UK employer.

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Note: please visit the Home Office Website for updated information, this article on for reference purposes.
Source: Home Office website Content Credit: Barrister Reza E- Immigration Solicitor

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