UCAS application process

What is UCAS?

UCAS refers University College Admission Services for the student who wishes to apply directly to the UK University. However, the student also can apply directly to the university through an official University representative.

Steps to apply through UCAS

So first of all, let’s talk about when to apply and what you should consider before applying.
If you are thinking about when to start submitting your applications then you can submit them from 3 October in UCAS Progress.

In order to apply, one has to register at UCAS. If you are currently in school or college, you can ask them to register and give you a temporary password and login details. Otherwise, you can do it on your own as well in case of not attending any college or school.

There are of course steps for applying and they are

  1. Search for your courses and providers.

You have to search for the course you want to apply it and the providers which are offering those courses. Make your research and know what areas interest you the most in studying. Pick what grabs your interest along with the provider. However, you also need to make sure that the college you are applying to is near to your place.

2. Save your desired courses and providers.

While searching you might come across courses which have got your attention and the interest of studying them has developed. In such cases, you can save those courses to your favourite’s page you can save as many courses as you want. By saving them, you will be saved from the struggle of searching them again and again. You can also save your list of favourite providers.

3. Complete your profile

The next step is to complete your profile. Since you can fill your profile anytime, so it is always better to complete everything as soon as possible. This way you can easily make applications. You have to fill out five sections which are:

  • Your personal information (school details, support needs and etc.
  • Qualifications (it includes academic details like what you have read or completed recently or currently doing)
  • Work History (add your work information or any part-time job you are taking)
  • Personal Statement ( let the provider know about yourself and things like that)
  • Contact Details (your mobile number and email)

Once you have finished these steps, you can mark as complete. All of these sections must be completed before applying.

  1. Make an Application

Once you have completed all the above-mentioned steps, next comes the step of making an application. Once you are sure, click on the application tab on the toolbar and choose the option of ‘start a new application’. Then, you can select the provider you want to apply in and the courses you have saved for yourself. Enter the details and click. Make sure to recheck all the details as it puts the application into the ‘not sent’ category so the students can verify again. After that verification, click on ‘submit the application’.

2. Course Preference

This step helps the students in making a list of the course based on their preferences. You can rearrange the courses you have saved already.

3. Application in Progress

In this step, you are able to check the status of your application. You will be able to see the ‘in progress’ status after submitting it. You can also change the course or details by sending a message to the provider.

a) Offer Preferencing

You can change the order of your preferred courses by using the ‘change’ option.

b) Receiving offers and making choices

The last step is receiving the offers from the providers. If you have received an offer you will the offer on the application page. You can either accept it or decline it. Otherwise, you will see unsuccessful if you have not received an offer.

FQA about UCAS

How much does it cost to send a UCAS application?
Single choice application £13 and multiple choice application is £24

Can I apply for two courses at the same university UCAS?
Yes, you can apply, If you make multiple choice application you will have 5 choices to take.

How many courses can you apply for on UCAS?
You can apply up to 5 courses through the UCAS

How do you apply to a university?
You can apply through UCAS, also you can choose an official education agent to apply directly to the university.

Can you apply to a university without UCAS?
Yes, you can apply to a Uk University without UCAS. You need to apply through an education agent or direct to the university, some university might be the exception.

Can you apply directly to a university?