Our Services

University Admission Center UK has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. We are committed to providing the best service necessary to create a unique foundation for higher education. Our target is to deliver more than your expectation. UACU is highly committed to providing efficient, fair, and cost effective services which will be totally satisfying and pleasant in view of giving you the best higher education and future career.

Counselling Session

UACU provides you with an excellent counselling session that is geared at evaluating your past educational life and guiding you to get the course and institution which is perfect for you. With us, you get:

  • Counselling sessions of 30 minutes will be given to each student.
  • Qualification assessment will be carried out for the prospective course.
  • We will help you in choosing the right course.
  • We will give you adequate guidance for writing a personal statement.
  • Available scholarships will be pursued for interested students.
  • Applications will be submitted to our Partner Universities.

Student Finance/ Visa application Support

We provide general advice and assistance to international students wishing to obtain a UK or Canadian visa either in the country or out of the country.

  • We support you for the Credibility Interview by giving you adequate preparation.
  • We help UK & EU student for Student Finance Application
  • We give you guidance on the visa application documents required.
  • We also provide guidance on submission of visa application.

We specialise in:

  • Tier 4 General /Child student visa to enter the UK.
  • Tier 4 General /Child student visa extension in the UK.
  • Student Visitor Visas.
  • Study permit outside Canada

Accommodation Service

We arrange accommodation for international students who are in need of a high-quality apartment in the UK & Canada. So whether you’re looking for studio flat or a flat you can share with friends, we help you in finding a safe and secure accommodation.We will give you a free consultation to find accommodation in the UK. You also get:

  • Guidance to secure a place for yourself in the UK & Canada
  • Arrange a viewing of the apartment, if necessary
  • Payment of deposit

DBA / PhD application support

We provide the following services to DBA/PhD applicants:

  • Qualification Mapping to ensure that you are eligible to apply.
  • Guidance on choosing a suitable university.
  • Guidance in preparing documents for the application.
  • Edit Personal Statement, CV and reference letters if required.
  • Guidance in preparing a research proposal.
  • Review of the research proposal and sending necessary feedback.
  • Guidance in filling the university application forms and in applying.
  • Follow up on your application after submission.
  • Prepare you for the PhD interview session.