Nigerian Scholarships

Nigerian Scholarships :

The scholarship is known as the support given by the government, influential individuals or corporate, as a way of giving back to the community, helping the less privilege and also promoting education. These scholarships allow recipients to study even where they cannot afford because scholarship could extend to taking the recipient to different countries. These scholarships are given to individuals on a different level of education that is it could be primary, secondary, tertiary and even postgraduate studies so at a different level of education one can attain such scholarship.
Most of these scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence others are based on the region and their needs like the Niger delta region in Nigeria. Most of the scholarships are given to aid the people living in such region, by those benefitting from their oil products, which limit the growth of the region so these scholarships is to ease the life of the people because of the activities in such region.
Some of the scholarships are not necessarily offered to people with better academic performance, some are also giving to athletes, artist and other talented individuals. In Nigeria, there are different ways of awarding such scholarship.

Complete Academic scholarship
In these situations the donors offer complete coverage of recipients studies cost, these could even cover the cost of the recipient travels to the academic locations, in case of a scholarship that will require the recipient’s location to change. In some cases, they offer some monetary grant to aid the recipients living condition.

Partial Academic scholarship
In this situation, the donors offer partial support to the individuals where they offer to cover specific aspects of the recipient’s academic bill while the recipient covers the rest. As much as everyone would love to get the complete scholarship, some people love the idea of having part of their educational liability lifted.

Allowance /Stipend
In Nigeria, most of the States offer their indigenes that are in school a yearly amount just to support their living.

External Scholarships
These are scholarships given to students that are studying in a foreign land. The government or local Organizations give them to their indigenes that are studying abroad. They also provide them with loans to ease their stay in such countries.Some of the criteria for attaining these awards are:

High Academic Records
Most of these scholarships are giving to individuals with outstanding academic performance. In some cases having a specific record automatically qualifies a person to get scholarship mostly a minimum of a second class upper.

Based On Ability to Write and Pass Some Giving Examinations
In this case, the public is given the opportunity to be able to get these scholarships irrespective of their records to write specific exams through their pass score gives them an edge to other candidates.
This has been a major boost in the education section right from way back. Because of the conditions laid down such as high CGPA, no bad records have pushed studiousness in studies and carefulness to avoid losing their scholarship by the recipient.
Petroleum Technology Development Fund Scholarship in Nigeria and Overseas for undergraduate, masters and PhD students.
The Petroleum Technology Development Fund which is under the Ministry of Petroleum offer scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students to study in the United Kingdom, France and some top Universities in Nigeria.

Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship Scholarship
The Kashim Ibrahim is one year fully funded fellowship program, which covers the tuition and accommodation for the Nigeria youth participating in the program, which is aimed at creating a network to have the youth in Nigeria leadership. These applicants must be ready to reside in Kaduna, Nigeria for the whole year.

MTN Foundation Science and Technology scholarship
This scholarship is offered to undergraduate Nigeria student in the different field of studies. And this scholarship can be renewed for existing recipient if they maintain a minimum of 3.5 CGPA.

Lagos State Scholarship Award.
Lagos state offers two types of scholarship to its undergraduate indigenes to promote education in the state. This scholarship is classified as the local and foreign scholarship.
The local scholarship is offered to full time and not part time indigenes in the Nigeria University. While the foreign scholarship is awarded to Lagos state undergraduate and postgraduate indigenes who are studying in top Universities abroad.

Nigeria Agip Oil Scholarship for 100 and 200 levelUndergraduates
This scholarship is offered to Nigeria undergraduates who are due for the merit award who are also studying Engineering, Geology, Geosciences and are from Bayelsa, Imo, Delta and Rivers States.

Bilateral Education Agreement Scholar for Undergraduates, Masters and PhD.
This scholarship is offered to undergraduates and postgraduates to study in different countries in the world due to the agreement by such countries. Nigerian students are offered to study in countries like Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Serbia, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, China, Romania and many more countries yearly.

Nigerian Women Associationociation of Georgia (NWAG) International
This award is given yearly by NWAG to 37 female students from the 36 states in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory, the sum of fifty thousand nairas (N50, 000).

MUSTE Scholarship for Undergraduates in Nigeria
Mankind United to Support Total Education is a scholarship aimed at youth empowerment and ICT foundation funded by Mr. Jim Ovia in 1998. It provides financial aid to Nigeria youth with outstanding performance.
Gani Fawehinmi Scholarship Award for Nigeria Students.
The Gani Fawehinwi Scholarship, using the scholarship board offers a scholarship to 20 to 40 students in the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education where they are awarded the sum of four million nairas (N4, 000,000) financial grant to help in their cause of studies.

Agbami Scholarship for 100 & 200 level undergraduates.
This award is offered by Chevron Oil Company and the aim of this scholarship is to support capacity building in Health and Engineering sectors. The scholarship is offered to undergraduates with outstanding academic performance.