UK Scholarships

UK Scholarships for International Students

Studying in the UK isn’t cheap these days and for the students of a developing country like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh; it’s even harder sometimes. But scholarships offered by the UK universities sure makes it a little easy for the international students to study in the UK.

International students are helped to secure scholarships, bursaries, and funding by the UK. More than 100 individual scholarships are being issued for the International student that has a good relationship with Uk Universities including the online resources meaning all international deserving applicants has the opportunity to receive the scholarship to fund their study in the UK. Most Uk universities offer scholarships of up to £5000 to the deserving international student to help them with their education in the UK.

Non-governmental UK scholarships for international students include:

  • Euraxess UK – Euraxess is an initiative of the European Commission, providing support for researchers in Europe. The UK branch of the scheme is run by the British Council, offering various graduate research scholarships for international students from around the world.
  • CastleSmart Scholarship – Estate agent CastleSmart offers £6,000 annually for an undergraduate student in the UK (open to all nationalities). Applicants must create a compelling YouTube video outlining their study and career plans.

Main Topics

British Council Scholarships For International Students

International Students will enjoy life changing benefits of international study as a number of scholarships are offered to them. But this means that scholarship funding is extremely competitive, it also means a growing number of scholarships are being offered as UK universities seek to attract the most talented international students. If any international student needs any extra financial aid or support then there are many financial support options, including scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, financial awards, and loans.

British Government also offers scholarships to international students. The government-funded UK scholarships for international students include:

  • British Chevening Scholarships – UK scholarships for international students funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and partner organizations. The scholarships provide full or part funding for full-time graduate programs in any subject.
  • Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries – Scholarships for international students from developing countries in the Commonwealth, for studies at Masters and PhD level. The full list of eligible countries is available here.
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme at UK Universities – UK scholarships for international students undertaking taught master’s programs in the UK. Programs studied must be demonstrably relevant to the development of technology, economy or society within the student’s country of origin.

How to Receive Scholarships in The UK Universities?

Getting a university scholarship in the UK might require a lot of research and patience but the rewards are great after all. Different scholarships are offered by the different universities, so it is essential for a student to research carefully for the scholarship options offered by different universities in the UK. In the UK many universities offer undergraduate scholarships for foundation courses and bachelor degrees and offer postgraduate scholarships for masters’ degrees and PhD courses.

Deadlines of Scholarship applications are often many months before the start of the course. Normally, you need to apply for a course at the university before you can apply for the scholarships.

The following steps could be followed to get your desired scholarship to study in the UK:

  1. Search for the UK university course database for your preferred subject, and save your results.
  2. When you have a few courses in your shortlist, check the profiles of your selected universities to find out more details.
  3. Search the scholarships database to see if your preferred universities offer scholarships for international students.

If required then you can contact your preferred universities if you have questions about a particular course or scholarship.

Types of Scholarships in The UK Universities

There are a number of different types of scholarships available that are offered to the students in UK Universities, such as:

  • Full Scholarships: These are the most popular scholarships for international students as they cover your tuition fees and living costs. Full scholarships are very competitive and usually go to high achieving students.
  • Part Scholarships: These can range from small, one-off payments to covering your whole tuition fees. They do not usually include any support for your living costs.
  • Country-specific Scholarships: Check the eligibility details carefully for each scholarship as some are for students from specific countries only.
  • Course-specific Scholarships: These are for students who intend to study in a particular course.
  • External Scholarships: In addition to university scholarships, there are also external scholarship options which you can consider. Some governments and local organizations sponsor students from their countries or provide student loan options to study overseas.
  • Home/EU Scholarships: You may find that some scholarships for UK students or EU students only which means you may not be able to apply. This is often the case when the funding comes from the UK or European bodies.

Here are some things to consider when you begin your search:

  • Not every UK scholarships are awarded based on financial need – most will be evaluated by your academic abilities.
  • Applying for a scholarship is only allowed only when you are applying for the course or after you have applied.
  • It is wise to start your research for scholarships early as many universities set the deadline for scholarship applications early in the year.

UK Scholarships Available for Different Nationalities

Depending on your nationality, you may be eligible for a loan or financial support from the UK government. Below are the variously available scholarships for different nationalities offered by individual UK universities:

  • UK Scholarships For African Students:
    • Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Programme – Need-based UK scholarships for international students from Africa.
    • Tullow Group Scholarships Scheme – Scholarships available for students from selected countries in Africa and South America. Includes full tuition fees, a monthly stipend, travel costs and other allowances.
  • UK Scholarships For Armenian Students:
    • The Luys Scholarship Program – Awards loans or scholarships to Armenian students to study at the world’s top universities, including the UK universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
  • UK Scholarships For Chinese Students:
    • Great Britain China Center Chinese Student Awards – Awards of up to £3,000 are available for Chinese citizens (including those from Hong Kong) studying for a PhD in any subject at a UK university.
  • UK Scholarships For French Students:
    • Entente Cordiale Scholarships – Scholarships to study in the UK for French students pursuing postgraduate study.
  • UK Scholarships For Indian Students:
    • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships – UK scholarships for doctoral students, research students and visiting fellows from India.
    • Goa Education Trust Scholarships ­– UK scholarships for Goan students to undertake postgraduate study in the UK in any field.
    • Saltire Scholarships – Scholarships for students from Canada, the US, India, and China to study in Scotland at any degree level.
  • UK Scholarships For Pakistani Students:
    • Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarships – UK charity offering scholarships to study in the UK to Pakistani doctoral students, graduate researchers or visiting fellows.

University-specific UK Scholarships for International Students

Below are some of the scholarships given to its student in some specific universities of UK:

  • Bristol University International Scholarships – UK scholarships for international students to study at Bristol University on an undergraduate or postgraduate program.
  • University of Birmingham International Postgraduate Scholarships – Various scholarships for master’s students to study at the University of Birmingham.
  • Cardiff University Elite International Scholarships – Bachelor’s and master’s degree UK scholarships for international students to study at Cardiff University in Wales.
  • Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford – Sponsored by Oxford University Press, the Clarendon Fund offers UK scholarships to full- and part-time graduate students at the University of Oxford.
  • University of Edinburgh Global Scholarships – Various UK scholarship programs for graduate international students enrolling at the Scotland’s University of Edinburgh. Special awards offered to students from developing countries, students Global Health Academy programs, and students from Latin America.
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students – Offering full UK scholarships for international students to study in the UK at Cambridge University. For full-time postgraduate students only.
  • University of Nottingham International Scholarships – Various scholarships available at all study levels.
  • Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University for International Students – Merit-based UK scholarships for master’s and PhD students to study at Oxford University.
  • Swansea University Undergraduate Scholarships – A selection of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, available to students from various regions, including the EU, Asia and the Middle East.
  • University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships – Offering up to 50 scholarships for international students to study in the UK and to be ambassadors of their home country. Open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • University of Westminster Scholarships for International Students – UK scholarships for master’s students enrolled at the University of Westminster. Awards are offered based on academic merit and financial need. There are also scholarships available for international undergraduate students.
  • University of East London (UEL) Scholarships for International Student- UEL offer up to £4000 scholarships for all nationalities, The University offers £5000 scholarships for MBA students. UEL has special country bursary for Nigerian and Ghana student.
  • London South Bank University (LSBU) Scholarships– LSBU offers £1000 scholarships to the international student.
  • University of Chester Scholarships – the University of Chester offers up to £3000 scholarships to the International student. In addition, the university has Westminster scholarship  50% of full tuition fees and full free commonwealth scholarships.
  • The University of the West of Scotland scholarships for International Student– UWS offer up to £3000 scholarships, Also this offer affordable MBA program only £6450 and DBA program with Scholarships.

Available Scholarships in The UK after A-Levels

After completing your A levels successfully you can have a number of opportunities to get the scholarship to study in the UK. UK universities offer a fair amount of scholarship to A levels completed students. Universities like the University of East London and Northumbria University in the UK offers up to £5,000 to the student who has successfully passed their A levels.

A Level, or GCE (General Certificate of Education) Advanced Level, is a significant school qualification in the United Kingdom. It matches up to Level 3 qualification and gives access to higher education in the UK.

The A-level course is a two-year study program providing knowledge of specific academic subjects. These courses are provided in secondary schools. They incorporate four or six modules divided into Levels A1 and A2. Each study module implies passing an individual exam. A Level programs at colleges help students gain necessary grades to enroll at a renowned university.

A1 or AS means Advanced Subsidiary. It is taken in the first year of the sixth form (lower sixth form), and A2 is taken in the higher sixth form. These exams don’t replace the final A Level examination, but they are still required to pass.

A Level is a formidable and internationally recognized exam that points to the highest student’s merit. It sets the groundwork for university education and ensures a career in a chosen area. Students with excellent grades at A Level exams are eligible to apply in all the top ranked universities in the world even with full scholarship or healthy scholarships of up to £5000 in the UK.