MSc and MBA with Internship

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Having a standard degree is good but furthering your education with a standard postgraduate study is better, and it is the best thing you can do to yourself in view of building yourself educationally and preparing yourself for a career filled with professionalism. University Admission Center UK will help you in getting admitted into any prestigious institution of your choice, with a wide range of courses which you can choose from. We know the importance of getting the best postgraduate training and we are committed to get you into the best school for your programme.
University Admission Center UK will not only help you in pursuing your postgraduate studies such as MSc or MBA, but will also provide you with opportunity to do an internship programme here in the UK. Getting an internship programme can be a frustrating experience for international students without the help and support of UACU. We will in findingan internship programme in your field of study, which will save you all the stress encountered in the search for internship and it will also save you a lot of time. Most of the internship programmes run on 8 week duration during the semester as part-time or in your second semester.
Through this programme, we offer you much more than just an opportunity to get educated in the field you are, but we also provide you with a chance to get an experience that will be utilizable worldwide and also lead you to a fulfilling career rather than getting a short-term job.The internship programmes we provide are not there just for you to complete and leave, but are structured to make you gain revenant and useful skills. Itwill build you and make you develop relevant management skill, and as an international student, it will help you in getting an insight into what working in UK is all about even before completing your studies. By this, you will be able to gain experience into the field which you fit into and so you will know more about the field of study which you are looking to pursue a career in.

Ther are few University offer course with Internships

  1. London South Bank University
  2. University of Greenwich
  3. Bournemouth University
  4. Northumbria University

for scholarships please call: [email protected]

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