UK Graduate Salaries 2021 – Highest Paid Graduates by UK University Ranking 2021

Which university graduates will get the highest pay?

Every student has a common dream – studying well at the university and getting a well-paid salary after completing the degree. The UK has one of the highest numbers of top-ranking universities in the world. Every year, thousands of international students worldwide come to the UK to fulfil their dreams.

According to the latest figures compiled by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), salaries of graduates from a similar course varies significantly from one university to another. For example, Computer Science graduates from Oxford University have median wages of £65,000 after completing their degree, compared to just £20,000 pay to Leeds Beckett University graduates.

Best Paid Graduate Salary Ranking by Universities 2021

Here is a table of median salaries by the UK’s top universities according to the latest 2021 data. The median salary figure represents the average salary of all university graduates across all subjects during that year.

RankingUniversityMedian Salary
1Imperial College£33,500
2London School of Economics£32,000
3Cambridge University£30,100
4=University College London£30,000
4=Oxford University£30,000
6=King’s College London£29,000
6=St George’s University of London£29,000
6=Warwick University£29,000
9Bath University£28,500
10=Bristol University£28,000
10=Queen Mary University of London£28,000

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