Can I do second Masters in UK?

If you would like to extend your tier 4 visa you might think for a second masters. Check our article to get step by step guidelines about how to extend your tier 4 visa with just simply applying for a second masters.
Who are eligible for 2nd Masters in the UK? “Extend Tier 4 visa”

  • If your first masters are similar to the second masters but not identical or you are not happy with your current masters degree you can apply for Second Masters and extend your visa as a tier 4 student in the UK for example if you have done MBA you can still apply for MSc International Business
  • If you want to apply for a second masters you must have to complete your previous course successfully or you have to provide official evidence of your course completion
  • Finally, if you have done you bachelors and first masters from UK you have to check your Cap limit before applying for a second masters
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When to apply for new visa? “Extend Tier 4 visa”

  • If you want to apply for a second masters from inside UK you have to apply before your current visa expires. Remember overstay is a criminal offence and will affect your visa extension.
  • You should apply for your new visa before your visa expire.
  • You should keep enough time to start your application to complete your admission within right time.
  • Once you applied for your tier 4 visa extension you can stay in the UK until any decision make, as you leave extended by section 3C Immigration Act 1971.

Purpose of leave extended by section 3C Immigration Act 1971

The purpose of section 3C leave is to prevent a person who makes an in-time application to extend their leave from becoming an overstayer while they are awaiting a decision on that application and while any appeal or administrative review they are entitled to is pending.

  • If you want to  extend Tier 4 visa for a second masters and want to apply from inside UK, the start date of your new course must not be less than 28 days after the expiry date shows your latest visa.
  • If there is a more than 28 days gap of your current visa expiry date to your new course starts date, you have to go back to your home country and apply from there.

What will be the Time limit?

  • You have six years’ time restriction in total if you executed a four- or five-year undergraduate route in the UK and desires to follow for a master’s route;
  • You have five years and 11 months’ time limit in total to entire your degree level course;
  • There is no limit to study MPhil or PhD course however there is eight-year usual restriction if you already have accomplished a doctorate degree and needs to observe for a new course to study which include study below degree level;
  • For some course’s applications are exempt from the restriction including architecture, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and science, conversion or expert law courses following a degree in the UK, or track at a Conservatoire. However, time spent on these publications cannot be deducted from any future time restrict calculation for study on a non-exempt course.
  • Source: Home Office Website-

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