Post Study Work (PSW) in the UK for International Student 2019

Post Study Work (PSW) in the UK for International Student 2019

UK post-study work visa has been common debate now a days. Student might get a long-waited work visa after their graduation here in the UK. Post Study Working visa was available till the year 2012 after that the former Prime Minister of United Kingdom Theresa May stopped it. As a result, the number of Indian Student were fallen down from around 30,000 in 2011-12 to just around 16,000 in 2016-17. Before 2012 student could stay two year more after completing their study and it was a great opportunity for the student to find a job here in the UK. This opportunity inspires the International Student to choose United Kingdom for their higher Study.

Since 2012, the total international students enrolled in the UK has been fallen down while international demand for study in various countries such as the US, Australia and Canada have seen a noticeable growth. This is because the UK just offers 4 months’ work permit whereas Australia offers international graduates up to four years of work opportunity after graduation. Again The US and Canada offer up to three years. Also, New Zealand has announced reforms in its student visa policies and will now allow international graduates to stay and work for up to three years after there graduation.

In early 2016, the UK government was inflexible that the Post Study Work visa, declared in the year 2012, would not be re-introduced. Nevertheless, after a week the government said ‘we’ve not completely closed the door on the post-study work visa.’

In early June 2019, UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid, called for post-study work restrictions compulsory on international students to be lifted.

Mr Javid said: “It makes no sense to send some of the world’s brightest and most enterprising people straight home after their time here. I want to put skilled Britons in the same room as bright Europeans and those from other nations — in Manchester, Leeds and London, not Paris or Stockholm.”Javid’s comments were justassisted by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.

Mr Javid also concerned about skills workers and said the following:

“It’s vital the new immigration system continues to attract talented people to grow our economy and support business while controlling our borders.”

Alistair Jarvis, chief executive of Universities UK, said: “Such a change in policy will correct a longstanding policy barrier to growth in international student numbers.”

Professor Dame Janet Beer, President of Universities UK and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, said: “The ability to work in a skilled job for a limited period after graduation is, for many prospective international students, an important part of the overall package when deciding where to study. We are proposing a new graduate visa that would make the UK more attractive to students and would allow a wider range of employers, in all parts of the UK, to benefit from access to talented graduates from around the world.

“This improved post-study visa would put us on a par with what is offered by countries such as the US, Canada and Australia. It would send a more welcoming message to international students and signal that the UK is open to talented individuals from around the world. As Brexit discussions continue, the UK needs an ambitious immigration policy that helps boost our regional and global competitiveness.”

Stephen Isherwood, (Chief Executive at the Institute of Student Employers) said: “Allowing talented international students to work for a period post-study in the UK will help employers, large and small, to fill skills gaps. As well as enabling growth, our universities will become more internationally competitive and it will mean that UK students can develop a global mindset too.”

Analysing all of this comment it could be said that The UK government might change its long-awaited immigration rule after Brexit.Which might change student visa rules. This may extend the length of time international bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students have to stay and find work in the country after graduating. If the Post Study Work come back Student will get additional two year to work unrestrictedly in the UK after their post-study period.Additionally, Student will also get a chance to find a Tier 2 job sponsorship where they can change their student visa to work visa for long stay.

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