ACCA course in the UK University

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This certification is considered an education which helps you to get the UK student visa and a valuable job on the basis of ACCA certification. The ACCA education was first started in England but today, it has been offered in 180 countries and also recognized all over the world. ACCA (ACCA Global) is also known as the most common and popular course which students from all over the world.

To get admission in ACCA course in the UK University is not difficult as there aren’t many requirements which needed to be fulfilled like to get admission in undergraduate and graduate degrees. The most important thing which to get admission in ACCA is to pay the fee on time. Some universities in the UK also demand the ACCA course fee in advance as international student choose this program only to get a UK student visa.

What is ACCA?

ACCA is a highly regarded accounting qualification in hundred of countries. An ACCA qualified person has been recognized as a Chartered Accountant and can easily get jobs in different positions like Auditor, Financial Manager, Accountant, Layer and much more. Due to the importance of accountant and demand of jobs, ACCA has spread their qualifications in more than 180 countries.

Today there are more than 200,000 ACCA members and about 500,000 ACCA students in 180 countries. Due to the reputation of ACCA, the certification is in demand everywhere, especially in the UK. The international students choose ACCA because of its help them to get a job easily after the completion of their studies.

ACCA entry routes in UK universities

For international students, there aren’t many requirements to get admission in ACCA in UK University. You can get admission easily by fulfilling the following requirements:

Minimum Entry requirements: A level and O level students can also apply for the ACCA studies only if they have pass 2 and 5 subjects respectively with English and Mathematics. Students who own American higher school certificate with 50% marks are also qualified to apply for ACCA in UK universities.

Graduate Entry Route: Any student who has complete BSc, B.Com or simple BA can easily get admission in ACCA. There is no restriction on previous accounting knowledge. A simple graduate degree holder also gets admission in ACCA in UK University.

Via FD or CAT: If own Foundation Diploma by ACCA or CAT certification, then you can easily enter in ACCA. Graduates of FD and CAT also get the exemption on the first three papers of ACCA and start their ACCA education from F4 papers.

How many modules in ACCA?

Basically, ACCA has been divided into two main modules; fundamentals and professional level but these two levels of ACCA have been divided further into two. There are total 14 papers and one need to pass 12 to get the ACCA certification. Overall the modules of ACCA has been named as; knowledge, skills, essential and operational.

ACCA has recently introduced one new paper by removing two. So get in touch with ACCA to know about the new stats about the number of papers.

What is the fee of ACCA in UK University?

There are two types of the fee the ACCA students have to pay. They pay a fee to the university to attend class or you can say the tuition fee and the second fee has been paid to ACCA when a student wants to appear in exams. The fee of the ACCA varies papers to paper and university to university. The universities in the UK also offer a discount when student pay the fee in advance for multiple papers. There is no discount on the fee directly pay to ACCA to sit in the exam and it is the same for every student around the world.

Per paper tuition fee of ACCA in UK universities may starts from £200 for basic papers and £300 for advance and professional level papers. The exam fee by ACCA is very low which starts from £80 per paper and being paid when a student wants to appear in the exam. Students who want to attend computer-based exams will have to pay a bit higher fee.

How to get UK visa on the basis of ACCA?

Getting a UK student visa to study ACCA in the UK is not hard and there isn’t any special rule for ACCA students. Actually, as compare to other students, the ACCA students get admission in UK universities easily as there are no special admission requirements to get admission in ACCA Global.
IELTS is mandatory to get admission in ACCA but you can get rid of this simply by submitting an English proficiency certificate which you can obtain from your previous university if you have completed your last education completely in the English language.
Here are simple steps to get UK student visa (Tier 4 visa) by following these steps:

The information below is for simple understanding and visa application must be made with utmost care.

  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS): CAS is received from your University which awards you 40 points
  • Financial proof: Proof of funding for your tuition fee and living expenses offers you an additional 10 points towards your visa application
  • Liquid Funds equivalent to tuition fee for year 1 of studies plus maintenance funds (depending on the location of your University) are required to be shown
  • The funds could either be available in the savings bank account of the student and/or parents or an educational loan sanction letter is required to cover the total calculated cost. The funding can be a mix of both: own funds and education loan
  • The funds in the savings bank a/c must be at least 28 days old
  • Students must make an appointment at the VFS
  • Visa interview for all students is compulsory at the visa application center.

That’s it, if everything goes well, you will be granted the UK student visa.

Universities in the UK offering ACCA course

Here is the name of some popular universities in the UK who are offering ACCA courses

  • Birmingham City University
  • BPP University
  • London School of Business and Finance
  • University of Brighton
  • The University of the West of Scotland
  • Manchester Metropolitan University

You can visit the official websites of these universities to get more details regarding the ACCA course.