How to write a CV?

It does not matter that how well you well educated you are until you do not know how to write a CV, you will be failed to tell to the world about your work experience, education background, language expertise and other skills which are important to get admission in a university or get a job.

Whether you are applying to get admission in an international university or wants to get a job related to your education, you must be good in writing a CV. A CV can help the university to understand your personality and your expertise. That’s why, it is very important to submit a professional CV when you apply for the admission in an international university in any country like USA, Canada, Australia, UK and other EU countries.

A professional written CV does not only help to get admission to a university but also help you to get a job.

Following I am sharing the detail information that how to write a professional CV. You can use this information to draft your CV sample free.

How to write a CV for admission?

CV is the only piece of information in your admission documents which can help the university to get maximum information about a student. So it is important that you include all those information in your CV which can increase your chances to get admission easily. Ideally, it should have the following aspects:

  • Your personal information including contact details
  • Your education history including your marks and the name of subjects
  • Your achievements related to education, especially awards and honours etc
  • The CV should not be very lengthy and should not contain unnecessary information
  • It should be easy to read, spelling and grammar mistakes free.

In short, the content of your CV should help the reader to get an idea about your personality easily.

How to write an academic CV for University admission

This depends on the type of education program where you want to get admission and type of university. For example, if you are applying for PhD then you must include your research work where if you are applying for under graduation program then your CV would have more focus on your educational accomplishments and achievements etc.

Here is some important information (samples) you need to add when writing a CV for specific courses or programs for an international university:

  • An Undergraduate CV should have more focus on your educational achievements, skills, and experience (if you have). The university does not expect much from an undergraduate student’s CV but this is your chance to impress them by writing about your accomplishments as a student.
  • Postgraduate CV should be more focus on working experience, education details and must have a personal statement section to describe your potential for the specific course. Do not forget to add extra skills like computer, language, communication, and research etc.
  • An Academic CV is usually suitable for PhD students. It must contain some ideas about your presentations, publications, and research work etc. Do not forget to include your work experience and your skills as mentioned in postgraduate CV section.

Other than above, your recent education and experience should be mentioned above your skills as the university is more interested in your recent education as compare to your skills.