Cheapest UK universities for international students-UACU

Many International looking for affordable UK University to study their dream course, we have research on UK university and listed good ranking universities with affordable fees. To help such students, here are some of the universities in the UK which offer the low fee to the international students.

Staffordshire University

Who does not know Staffordshire University? This university offers the best education to the students. It is located in Staffordshire and offers undergraduate degrees and secondary teacher training courses. It offers the best educational infrastructure to the students. The average annual tuition fee is £10,500. However, if you are interested in Cartoon and Comic Art then it is the only place in the UK to offer BA (Hons) in this particular degree.

Teesside University

Another Cheapest UK universities for international students with the best campus life and infrastructure, this university is located in Middlesbrough. Its average annual tuition fee is £10,250. The university believes in providing the students with the best things which are why they focus on innovation, creativity and mental skills in order to make their lives all fun and interesting.

Harper Adams University College

It is one of the top-ranked universities which offers the best education and experience to the students. What makes it unique is the fact that they offer the students of the undergraduates a course of 12 months. This course is a commercial placement course. The students get experience beforehand. They know what it feels like to step into the real world before getting their graduate degrees. This course helps the students in getting experience and knowledge which is not in the books and can only be learned by experience. The average annual fee is £11,000.

Leeds Trinity & All Saints

The average annual tuition fee of this university is £11,000. It is considered as the oldest university as it was founded in 1960. Initially, it was a Catholic teacher training college but back in 2012, it was given the title of a university. The university offers specialist subject facilities to the departments like Sport, Nutrition and Psychology.

University of Cumbria

The average annual tuition fee is £10,500. If you are looking for some professional courses like teacher training education, healthcare, sports, business management, visual and performing arts, forestry and land studies then this is the best university to go to. It has four campuses in Lancaster, Ambleside, Penrith, Barrow, Carlisle, London, Workington. So if you are interested then you can check out the courses and other details.

University of Bolton

The approximate tuition fee of this university is £11,000. All the students who are interested in getting an education in Special Effects for Film, TV and Visual Effects for Film, and TV then heading over to the University of Bolton is the best choice. It offers the best education in the mentioned fields. It is very important to get the education before you step into the industry. You can only make your best move if you are aware of the things/ this is why the University of Bolton focuses on the concepts and creativity of the students so they can make something better in future and make a name for themselves. Other than this, the university also offers a mixed range of vocational courses and academic courses. one of the Cheapest UK universities for international students.

Buckinghamshire New University

UK offers the best education institutes to the international and native students. It all depends on the student which one he picks according to his finances and stuff. However, if you are looking for a cheap or low-cost tuition fee university then Buckinghamshire New University is all there for you. With the average annual tuition fee of £9,500, it offers a high-quality education to its students. The university has two campuses. One is in High Wycombe and the other is in Uxbridge. The campuses are easily accessed in any way.

Coventry University

Everyone wishes to have the best campus life. They want to study in the building which speaks highly of themselves and which reflects the history. The walls and the classes narrate a story as we go back to 1843 where we can find the roots of this university. The university offers courses in Health and Nursing, Disaster Management Program and many others, however, this university was the first university to offer an undergraduate course for Disaster Management Program. The maximum tuition fee of this university is £11,200.

York St John University

You only have to pay £11,000 for your annual tuition fee. It has the building which tells a story. The building of this university attracts so many students at the university brings the majestic and magical feelings in the hearts of the students. It is located in the Lord Mayor’s Walk. The location of the building is the best thing as it is near to many traditional pubs, bars and shops of York’s City centre. The university focuses on the educational yet social training of the students and helps them in being the best people.

University College Birmingham

Its annual tuition fee is £10,000. However, the university is amazing as it offers on-campus accommodations to the international students. Not just this, but the students have the easy access to the restaurants, cake and bake shops, spa and sports therapy centres.