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Universities in the UK are one of the leading universities worldwide. Apart from being a great pace to study and get access to quality, world-class teaching, the UK is also a great place to live. Courses in the UK are shorter than other universities in the world, making the programme relatively cheaper in comparison. Of the top six universities in the world, two are from the UK. This makes UK universities the number one choice for those seeking excellence academically. According to the Research Assessment Exercise carried out in 2008, UK research is world leading and internationally excellent. This opens the door to great opportunities in the career of a student who graduates from a UK institution.

List of UK University

  1. University of East London
  2. Birmingham City University
  3. London South Bank University
  4. University of Chester
  5. University of the West of Scotland
  6. Anglia Ruskin University London campus
  7. Middlesex University
  8. The University of Ulster Birmingham
  9. University of the West of England
  10. University of Ulster London and
  11. University of Hertfordshire
  12. Northumbria University London
  13. University of Bedfordshire
  14. Heythrop College, University of London (CEG)
  15. Institute of Education (IOE), University of London (CEG)
  16. London South Bank (CEG)
  17. Queen Mary University of London (CEG)
  18. Royal Holloway, University of London (CEG)
  19. Royal Veterinary College, University of London (CEG)
  20. Stafford House School of English (CEG)
  21. The Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London (CEG)
  22. UCLan Foundation Campus (CEG)
  23. University of Sunderland (CEG)
  24. Coventry University (CEG)
  25. Birkbeck University of London (CEG)
  26. Bellerbys College
  27. University of Huddersfield (Study Group)
  28. Kingston University (Study Group)
  29. Keele University (Study Group)
  30. Lancaster University (Study Group)
  31. University of Leeds (Study Group)
  32. University of Leicester (Study Group)
  33. University of Lincoln (Study Group)
  34. Liverpool John Moores University (Study Group)
  36. University of Northumbria London and Pathway Centre
  37. Anglia Ruskin University – (Navitas)
  38. Birmingham City University -(Navitas)
  39. Brunel University -(Navitas)
  40. Edinburgh Napier University-(Navitas)
  41. University of Hertfordshire – (Navitas)
  42. University of Northampton-(Navitas)
  43. Plymouth University-(Navitas)
  44. University of Portsmouth-(Navitas)
  45. Robert Gordon University-(Navitas)
  46. Swansea University-(Navitas)